Raul Estevez, M.Ed. – Educator, Medium, Author

Website: www.whitelightuniversal.com.au/author-raul-estevez Full Interview: Raul Estevez, M.Ed., is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Melbourne. He is also an award-winning Professional Educator, receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in the year 2000 at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia. He is an international Educator/Trainer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer, who

Teri Angel – Happiness Coach and Angelspeaker

Website: www.angelspiritualconnections.com NEW!! Special Interview: Guided Meditation: Full Interview: In this interview, we discuss: We cannot change the planet overnight, but we can change ourselves this very minute. Segment only audio: How, when we release our negativity, miracles happen. Segment only audio: Can you change “Are we there yet?” to “Am I HERE yet?” Segment only audio: How self-love feeds that beautiful spirit inside. Segment only audio: It’s out there! Happiness just waits for you to claim it.  Segment only audio: How to create an attitude of gratitude with your Gratitude Vase. Segment only audio: How to pivot away from the negative and let it go to the Angels. Segment only audio: Teri Miller is a