Julie Ryan – Acclaimed Medical Intuitive

Website: www.askjulieryan.com Full Interview: Julie Ryan is an inventor, entrepreneur, author, and an acclaimed medical intuitive.  She works with individuals and healthcare providers to help diagnose medical conditions and to facilitate healing. Julie also assists individuals and their families who have a loved one progressing through the dying process.  Julie Ryan’s

Amanda Clarke – Voice of an Earth Angel

Website: www.voiceofanearthangel.com Full Interview: Amanda Clarke is an American Artist, Writer, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, and Spiritual guide. Amanda currently resides in England with her husband. Besides channeling divine guidance, Amanda is an ethical vegan who assists in the awakening and healing of our planet. Connect with Amanda Clarke: Facebook Page Angel

Karen Riordan Palmer – Self-Worth/Visibility Coach

Website: www.globalkindnesstv.org NEW!! Guided Meditation: NEW Interview: Full Interview: In this interview, we discuss: #1: How communicating with the Angels and Animals helped Karen heal. Segment only audio: #2: The nature of Karen’s communication with animals. Segment only audio: #3: How social media can be used for the Greater Good. Segment only audio: #4: How

We Are Human Angels – Spiritual Anarchists

Website: www.wearehumanangels.com Full Interview: In this interview, we discuss: How an Angel changed the Author’s life. Segment only audio: What does it MEAN to be a Human Angel? Segment only audio: It’s a planetary miracle. Believe it! Segment only audio: What is a Spiritual Anarchist? Segment only audio: Human Angels – it’s time to unfold your wings! Segment only audio: How beautiful – to give away your smile. Segment only audio: WE ARE HUMAN ANGELS,  by anonymous,  is a miracle born of serendipity. WE ARE HUMAN ANGELS is a self-published spiritual book, that’s been