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Raul Estevez, M.Ed., is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Melbourne. He is also an award-winning Professional Educator, receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in the year 2000 at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia. He is an international Educator/Trainer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer, who has offered guidance, healing and mentorship to people worldwide.

Raul has helped people learn and achieve their full potential in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Maldives, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Macau, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, USA and Canada. He holds a Master’s of Education from Melbourne University, as well as Quantum Bioenergetics Advanced Facilitator and is a Certified Angel Card Reader & Flower Therapy Healer.

In his first bookMy Angels – Connections, Raul brings to the reader a set of short stories to inspire them to connect to their angels. His easy writing style allows the reader to truly connect at a heart, mind and soul level. It has also been a wonderful experience where Raul has been able to integrate his intellectual beliefs with his spiritual ones!

My Little Angels Talk To Me is a delightful book created with the intention of sparking the imagination and curiosity within every child, the book also has a great detachable coloring in section.
Guiding Star of Life Inspirational Cards are beautifully illustrated enhancing the simple and powerful messages on every card. The deck can be used as a single deck or divided into four decks of love, purpose, faith and abundance.

The books have been showcased at Meet the Author Event at Crom Castle, Northen Ireland and the London Book Fair in March 2017 and at the 2017 New York Book Expo. They were created with love from his heart to yours.

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