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About My Angel Prayer

My Angel Prayer offers beautiful images and powerful one-minute prayers to God’s Messengers asking their help with all aspects of our lives.  With over 30 free prayers created and spoken by Angel practitioners from around the world, taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day.  

After each prayer, Alexa will ask you if you’d like more information about the featured Angel practitioner, and upon your acceptance, she will send you a weblink via text message to your mobile device.  This is a convenient way for you to connect with an Angel practitioner and learn more about them.  We are dedicated to helping you connect with your Angels

 We believe “Angels are Everywhere!”  These Divine energies have existed throughout time, across our planet’s religious and spiritual spectrum to bring peace, love, and joy to our lives.  Giving your worry over to the Angels and asking for help can make a world of difference.  The Angels are listening.  

All we have to do, is ASK!


How To Use

Once you enable My Angel Prayer, simply say, "Alexa, open My Angel Prayer” or “Alexa, tell me an Angel Prayer.”  You can listen to as many prayers as you’d like throughout the day.

After you have heard a few free Angel prayers, you will be invited to open a My Angel Prayer monthly subscription that offers unlimited access to our exclusive Angel prayer content — an ever-expanding collection of over 100 Angel prayers by our inspirational Angel practitioners, focusing on Healing, Love, Guidance, Protection, and Abundance.   

Meet the Prayer Hosts

Who We Are

Sheridan Film Company is dedicated to creating entertaining and inspirational film, television, and online content for people everywhere.  Our HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS podcast features interviews with celebrated spiritual practitioners from around the planet who share personal stories and helpful tools for connecting with Angels.  Join the devout, the seekers, and the curious from all religious and cultural backgrounds who are tuning in to embrace this phenomenon.  Hosted by Sheri Leigh Myers.

Sheridan Film Company is currently preparing for the production of THE GLITCH, a magical, musical, family-friendly feature film about faith and hope and Angels, set in the Cajun country of Louisiana.   For more information, visit:

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Feedback and Support

We hope you will love My Angel Prayer and give us a 5-star rating and review.  If you feel that My Angel Prayer deserves less than 5 stars, please let us know via so that we can address any issues and improve your experience!

We are eager to hear from the Angel-loving community around the world!  If you have any questions, comments, or prayer suggestions, please contact us via: